Monday, September 14, 2009

A Little Over Half Way There

I am now 21 weeks! A little over half way done! I had a doctor's appointment last week. Everything was good. I've started to gain weight now, not much but atleast I'm not loosing it anymore. I know I'm overweight to begin with, but it worried me a little that I was loosing weight while being pregnant. Emmett's heartbeat sounded great. My doctor's visit was rather quick, he measured me, listened to the heartbeat asked for any questions and then we were done. I've been having lots of cravings for Subway, Doughnuts, and Butterfingers. I haven't had my Doughnuts yet, but it's ok. I think it's funny that with Chase I craved Arby's and with Emmett I'm craving Subway. I love feeling Emmett moving around, and have seen several kicks. Mark hasn't seen them. I tell him to look and he doesn't look till after and looks away right before he kicks one more time. If Chase sleeps for any amount of time with us in our bed, I wake with my stomach hurting. I don't know if it's cause Chase kicks me during the night or what. I've told Mark that maybe it's time for us to take a belly pic. We haven't done it yet. My biggest thing is that I had a pot belly before I got pregnant so you still see part of that on top of my preggo belly. It is firming up and looks more pregnant than fat. I'll probably get Mark to take one in the next week or so.
Mark and Kiera got sick this past week and now finally shared with me. I get it worse though. I think it has something to do with my swollen tonesills. But to have them removed is a bit pricey and I don't think they will let me do it till after the baby is born, so I have to wait till atleast next year. When I had my wisdom teeth out, my tonesills got in the way of my breathing a few times while they had me under. Hopefully we don't get to many colds this winter otherwise I will be in trouble and miserable.

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