Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Life right now just seems to fly by. Chase is growing up and learning so fast. He has such a great vocabulary and speaks really well for a 2 year old. He is doing a great job potty training.(He has gone #2 twice in the past two days). He does still cry for us when we take him to the potty, he never cries for our babysitter, Stephanie. He likes to give baby Joshua kisses via my belly. Whenever we watch the ultrasound video he calls it a baby shark. Before we knew we were having a boy, we tried to teach Chase that Baby Lyla or Baby Joshua was in mommy's belly. Now we are emphasising it's Baby Joshua, he still calls him Baby Lyla though.
I work 3 days a week(Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) for our apartment complex. I'm the assistant manager. It's nice to get out of the house and have that adult interaction. It does sometimes suck having to work Saturdays, but it's OK. When I'm not working, I'm at home being the housewife catching up on house chores and my projects. I've been working on Mark's Christmas Stocking for over a year now. I got lazy last year and stopped working on it for several months. At least I don't have to have Joshua's done this year. I'm still not sure which pattern I'm going to do for him yet.
We loving having Kiera living with us. Mark helps her with her homework a lot. I sometimes feel stupid, because I don't remember a lot of stuff from school. I would love to go back, but I don't know how we would currently afford it or how I'd make it work with my schedule. It will happen when it's suppose to.
We are both having issues with our cars. Mine needed to be registered back in June, but we couldn't because the turn signals won't work. My dad knows his way around cars and he tried everything and plus some other ideas he got from the mechanics he talks to while at work. We have a friend who is coming over on Friday to take a look and see if he can figure something out.
Mark's car was suppose to be registered by yesterday, but we had to replace his windshield and probably should replace the fuel pump. We don't have the money for the fuel pump and are waiting for our next check to do the emissions and safety etc. Cars are a necessary evil. At the moment I'm ready to just get rid of my car and we just have Mark's car. We will have that paid off this time next year. Maybe then we can just sell it and get a new and bigger vehicle. I really want a mini van. Mark's car does have several other issues that aren't to big of a deal, just annoying. But alas not enough money. It sucks how expensive everything has gotten in the world. Where is that big money tree when you need it?
I've rambled long enough now and should get back to house chores.

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