Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day

We didn't do to much Labor Day weekend. With me working Saturdays going out to town doesn't really work. We wanted to go up to our family grounds in Malad Idaho with my parents, but decided to save that gas money for other things instead(like Christmas, Birthday's and preparing for baby Emmett). So we stayed home and enjoyed each other's company. Sunday my nephew Jacob was blessed. So we got to spend lots of time with family. Jacob is my brother's, who lives in Wyoming, son. We don't get to see them as often do to them living out of state, So we really enjoyed the time with them. It was our first time seeing Jacob in person. My parents saw him when he was born back in July and shared lots of pictures. After the blessing they had cake at the park. We took family pictures, since the last time we really had everyone together for a big picture was at Chase's blessing 2 years ago. Here is the updated one:
(Left-Right/Back): Douglas, Abby, David, Candace, Jacob, Mark, Me, Rachel, Sean, Dan, and Myra.
(Left-Right/Front): Elizabeth, My Mom(Cathy), Elysia, My Dad(LaDell), Chase, and Kayla.
Emmett will bring our total count to 19. After we were done at the park everyone in this picture went to my parents house. We hung out for awhile chatting playing a few games and then had a little BBQ out on their deck. Then we chatted some more and played more games. It was really nice spending time with all of them.
On Monday Mark, Chase, Kiera and I decided to go to the Zoo. It was a little packed, but fun non the less. Chase loved seeing the animals and he named almost all of them. We did get to see a Baby Tiger, Baby Snow Lepoard, and Baby Giraffe. Once we were done at the zoo we meet up with my Brother(David, the one from out of town) and his family at the Gateway Mall to do some window shopping. We got a free tour of the Discovery Gateway. Chase and I went there last year when my Grandma and Aunt were here from Canada. Discovery Gateway is a really cool place, they have so much fun stuff to do. We ended up leaving before they did, we were sore and tired from all the walking and Chase really needed a nap. We didn't do much else that night, just relaxing. I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!

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